Home Architecture Roof garden – a public space design in Tokyo, Japan

Roof garden – a public space design in Tokyo, Japan


Once more time, we come to a design of Japanese architect. This architecture is designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co. Ltd. Located on the top of the Plaza Omotesando at Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, this roof garden is a public space designed for the shoppers who wish to relax.

The terrace features a lot of trees, tables and steps where the
visitors can take a break or enjoy a meal and the escalator entrance to
it is designed as a kaleidoscope made from tilted mirrors that is meant
to dazzle the travelers through the tunnel. The abundance of threes above helps filter the noise and the extra
sun while also improving the air around offering one of the few oases
you can find in a city as busy as Tokyo.

There are also plenty of birds in the area and the central piece of the garden is a hexagonal communal table with a glazed core and trees all around it. The hypnotic passage is meant to make the entrance into the garden even more magical and serene, giving you the impression of moving into a totally new world.