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Seven Steps To A Luxury Bathroom

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If you’re not harnessing the luxury potential of your bathroom, then you’re missing out. A bathroom doesn’t have to restricted to a quick brush of the teeth and a shower. The bathroom can be a place of ultimate relaxation and pampering. With a few luxury touches it can help you unwind after a long day at work and help prepare you for the next one.
There are some beautiful bathrooms around the world. Maybe you prefer an elegant and sophisticated look with a roll-top bath. Or perhaps a modern, sleek style is more up your street. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of things you can do to your bathroom to turn it into a luxury room. We’ll show you some cheap, and some not-so-cheap ways to inspire your own relaxation wonderland.

1. Flowers and candles

Let’s start small. Everyone knows that flowers and plants can instantly lighten up the room. Bringing nature inside makes your bathroom feel more comfortable. It will soften up the harsh tiles and sharp edges you find in many bathrooms. Your bathroom should be your place of relaxation, and flowers will help you ease into the right mind-frame.

Bright overhead lighting can bring out the worst in your bathroom. It will cause shadows and highlight the white in your room. Not what you want when you wander in bleary-eyed at 7am. Nor what you want when you’re trying to take a relaxing bath in the evening. You need soft, subtle lighting that warms the room. A soft glow rather than extreme lighting. Candles are perfect in the evening when you’re taking that relaxing bath. You could also install dimmer switches. You can keep it down low first thing in the morning so your eyes can adjust!

2. Stand-alone bath

A stand-alone bath is most people’s idea of luxury in the bathroom. There are many options here. You could go for the classic roll-top bath. Bring the classic and indulgent design of Victorian bathrooms into your home. It instantly adds a touch of class and sophistication to the room.

If you’re the modern type and you like a slick, stylish bathroom, then you could invest in a modern stand-alone tub. The beauty of these is their simplicity. There are no fussy angles or additional parts. Just a stunning, clean piece of equipment.

There are some crazier options for you here. Instead of the traditional tub shape, you could buy a round bath. You’ll need a large room to house it but it will look stunning. (And great if you have company!) If you’re a gadget lover, how about a space-age bath ? You could build the bathroom of the future.

Placement is everything with your tub. Stand-alone baths make a great centrepiece if you’ve got the room. Place it right in the middle of the room for a true luxury look.

4. Install bubblejets

This is a quick-hack to owning your very own jacuzzi. Hot tubs can be very expensive. And you’ll need a good outdoor space to keep one. But install bubble jets into your existing bath and you’ll transform it into a hot tub! Baths are the perfect way to unwind, but a bath with a built in bubble massage? Even better.

3. Bathroom with a view

Make the most of your surroundings by arranging your bathroom around a view. If you’re lucky enough to have a private outdoor space, you could open your room up with larger windows or glass doors. Bathrooms often suffer from feeling dark and cold. You can change all that by bringing the outdoors in. It’ll lighten up the room and open up the space. If you’ve got a great view, don’t waste it.

4. Outdoor shower

There’s no better feeling that showering outdoors. I don’t mean showering out in the open for all to see! Your shower can be enclosed on all sides but leave the roof open to the elements. It feels so much more natural to have the sky above you and noises drifting in on the wind. Admittedly, an outdoor shower does sound a little weird. But wait until you’ve tried it! You will need a warm climate to make the most of this one unfortunately. Otherwise you may end up showering in the rain.

5. Install a TV in your bathroom

It’s so simple, right? Why don’t you already have one? What could be more luxurious than soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and your favourite film. (And those bubble jets you installed). Your home is all about finding the little luxuries that will help you unwind and relax after work. Combining them all in one place creates the ultimate relaxation area. You could also try fitting a music system instead of a TV and just drift away to your favourite sounds.

6. Mirrors and lighting

I’ve already mentioned a dimmer switch but lighting is key to getting that luxury feel. You need low lighting from dimmer lights overhead or from a few small lamps dotted around the room. You could also fit a chandelier style light over-head. These can be fairly inexpensive and they add a touch of class to any room.

Mirrors go a long way to making a room feel larger. This couldn’t be more important in your bathroom. Bathrooms often feel small and enclosed but a couple of big mirrors will really open up the room. Spend a little extra money on some beautiful gilt frames and you’ll upgrade your bathroom to a luxury space at the same time!

7. Over-sized everything

Nothing makes you feel more luxurious than over-sized furniture. Your bathroom will feel cosier and warmer with large chairs, an over-sized bath or a huge mirror. You might feel a little like Alice in your own bathroom wonderland. But you’ll definitely appreciate the level of sophistication is brings to your room.

Bathrooms are all about relaxation. They’re about letting yourself wind down after a stressful day and enjoying a few pampering treats (that goes for the men too!) So make a few changes to your room and enjoy the added luxury it brings.

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