Home Decorating Ideas Simple items for decorating: Apothecary Jars

Simple items for decorating: Apothecary Jars


Jars can become a marvelous things to decorate your home. They are
extremely versatile and can be used in just about any room in your home.
However, you may see them most in kitchen, living room or on accent
tables. One of the newer trends in kitchen décor is geared towards open
and airy spaces. Herbs and spices placed in apothecary jars with rubber
stoppers are a practical way to keep your “greens” fresh and display
them at the same time. It’s astonishing what a jar of basil leaves or
limes sitting on the kitchen counter can do. Most of jars below are
clearly and variety in shape and sizes with different types of lids as
well. Here are a few different ways you can change ordinary objects into
things of beauty by using apothecary jars.

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