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Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home


Having a home you’re proud of and enjoy spending time in is a must. Given that property prices are on the rise, moving to a new house or apartment may not be financially viable right now. However, by making a few simple changes to your home, you can transform its look and feel. The following tips should help you to achieve the results you’re after.

Change your window dressings

It’s amazing how much of a difference window dressings can make to the appearance of rooms. If you think your curtains are a little drab or your blinds are too bland, now’s the time to take action. By installing stylish new blinds in your living room, bedroom, bathroom and other spaces within your property, you can give it an instant facelift.

At Blinds-Superstore, you’ll find an array of products, including Venetian, wood, vertical and roller blinds. Make sure the versions you choose complement your general design theme.

Change your color scheme

Changing the color of your walls can completely transform the look of your property too. As a general rule, it’s best to opt for light hues around your home. This will help to ensure that spaces look spacious and bright. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with splashes of bolder colors too. For example, you can make a style statement by incorporating feature walls into your rooms. For a coordinated finish, make sure you carry these colors through with your choice of soft furnishings and accessories.

If you’re not sure which colors will work best in your abode, get design ideas online. It’s also a good idea to buy tester paints to sample on your walls before you go ahead and purchase all your supplies.

Add some attractive new furniture

Now could also be a great time to invest in some new furniture. For example, replacing old and worn out sofas and armchairs can breathe new life into your lounge. Meanwhile, if you love staging dinner parties at your place, why not purchase a new dining table and set of seats?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items. You can look online for bargains and it’s also possible to get second-hand products that are still in great condition.

Experiment with your lighting

No home revamp is complete without some new lighting. The way your rooms are illuminated has a massive impact on their overall appearance. Rather than sticking to traditional ceiling lights and lamps, experiment with different types of product. For example, the addition of some spot lights and picture lights can transform the look of living rooms. Meanwhile, your kitchen may benefit from the addition of recessed lights and under-cabinet illuminations.

Where possible, layer the lighting in your rooms so that you can change the ambiance of the spaces at the click of a button.

By taking these top tips on board, you can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your home. The best thing is, as long as you’re savvy, you don’t have to bust your budget in the process.

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