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Smart ways to save your air conditioning bills this summer


Every year, irrespective of whether your paychecks see an increase or not, your electricity bills do. While extreme summers and humidity are making it impossible to live without air conditioners, it is also becoming a financial burden. If you are in such a situation, below are few smart ways you can drastically reduce your electricity bill and also enjoy your summers in pleasant temperatures.

Use the auto cut off option

Lots of people use air conditioners at nights when they sleep. Usually, these run the whole night even when the temperature of the room has dropped down. Check your equipment for sleep mode or auto cut off mode and set them to auto-switch off after 3-4 hours. This way, you save another four hours of energy usage every day.

Check your thermostat

If your air conditioning system has a thermostat, it auto adjusts itself based on the temperature around. The hotter it thinks the room is the more will it kick on and the more will your bill be. You can manually set the temperature to levels that are pleasant. Also, remember to place your thermostat in cooler locations to help it function moderately.

Right insulation

If your house is not insulated right, cold air is going to seep outside, which is an absolute waste. You will have to keep the device switched on all day and you will still feel hot. Make sure your rooms, walls, and doors are insulated right. This will definitely bring down usage.


If your air conditioning device is several years old, then its effectiveness reduces and it will be using more electricity. These can also be dangerous for your family. For good performance, you should be getting the device serviced every year. You can also remove the filters and clean them regularly to improve the AC’s efficiency.

Understand your cooling system

Information is always wealth. Take some time to understand the cooling system in your house and the best ways to manage and use it. You can check popular blogs like the allthingshvac.com to get the right information. When you know how your AC is designed and what the features are, you can tweak the system to use lesser electricity.

Combine with other cheaper cooling methods

Make sure your house is well ventilated when the AC is not on. This will help bring down the temperature levels. You can also install fans in all rooms and use them when the climate is bearable. Lots of people switch between ACs and fans to maintain a pleasant temperature all through the day. Fans use just 10% of the power needed for ACs to function and can be a smarter alternate.

In other words, when you are conscious of your air conditioning systems and take good care of them, you can definitely control the power consumed and work on reducing it. Since temperatures are going to keep rising every year, get smarter and save your money right away.