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Some ideal dining rooms and dining tables for your choice


Beside living room, dining room is also an important place of your home- where you can gather friends and family to share jokes and stories over a delicious meal or a few refreshing drinks.
A dining room table is the one place in which your guests generally end up spending the most time, and it plays an enormous role in every holiday event you host. Designing, decorating and arranging in dining room is not too difficult but not easy because you need to pay attention to the harmony of furniture as well as the colors- its must be bright and clean colors. That is why you should take time to consider the best designs before you choose. Here some suggested ideas for you. Enjoy!

This is bright dining room with the most traditional type of dining room table, and it’s also the most popular. The rectangular table is usually a minimum of 36 inches wide and is the best design for hosting large groups of people. This type of table design is also the best choice for long, narrow dining room areas or large eat in galley kitchen. A possible downside to this style of table is that it guests can be separated on either end; but you do have a “head” of the table.

If you own a small dining room, you may want to invest in a round table.
These types of designs allow for more seating while taking up a minimal
amount of space. Additionally, if you choose a pedestal style, you can
enjoy more leg room. However, be sure not to overcrowd your table with
too many chairs as this can make the table look cluttered.

This style of dining room table is slightly more modern and nontraditional than round or rectangular varieties. It’s a great choice for rooms that are square in shape, and can provide a more intimate dining experience with everyone in closer proximity than with a rectangular table. However, if the amount of table area you need may change from time to time, you can opt for a square table with leaves that turn it into a rectangle with more company comes to call.

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