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Stunning Bathroom Design Ideas For Your New Home


Are you aware that the bathroom is arguably the most important room in a house that is up for sale. It makes sense when you think about it; it is the place to which you pay a lot of attention when you view potential new homes.
You might have just moved into a property that has everything going for it except the bathroom. Don’t worry, you can spend as much as you like to turn it into a high-quality haven of calmness. The best fittings don’t come cheap, but if you are a competent DIY fan, you can save a lot on labour costs.

Let’s assume that you find a house in Balham or Wimbledon that is in need of renovation. Here are some stunning bathroom design ideas for your new home.

Natural Light

In the daytime, the room will benefit from as much natural light as possible. These spaces often have small windows, which is a design flaw, in my opinion. Look at the structure of the building and the location of the window; is it possible to enlarge the hole in the wall to accommodate a bigger frame? If so, the job only takes a day or two, depending on whether the builder needs to insert a new lintel. The new window will let in more glorious light than before, and any work you undertake in there will look better than it would otherwise.

The Suite

Many people think that they need to buy items that belong to a suite, but that isn’t the case. Just as eclectic is the word in other parts of the house, it can be here too. The bath, for example, doesn’t need to match the wash basins. As long as they are pieces of quality and character, they can stand alone in the design of the room.

We live in the age of showers, so a shower cubicle is desirable if you can fit one into the scheme. You should never sacrifice the bath to fit one though.

Twin basins are almost mandatory these days. They save arguments in the morning when everyone is getting ready for the day.


Ultra-modern LED lighting is the last word in illumination for this space. Use recessed fittings in the ceiling and task lighting on either side of the mirrors above the basins. There are ranges of bathroom cabinets that feature mirror doors and LED lighting; they are an attractive option.

The Tiles

Take a look at the best bathroom designs, and you will see that they feature large tiles that are void of intricate patterns. Yours should be the same because small patterned tiles are dated and make the room look smaller than it is. If you are not a competent tiler, leave it to the professionals. It is a feature that can ruin a design if it is not perfect.


Invest wisely in top quality hardware and taps. The best equipment is expensive, but it is the perfect finishing touch to the room and will last for a lifetime.

I hope you agree that a stunning new bathroom will make your life better than it is now. A cold, soulless place will transform into a chic room where you love to spend time. That has to be a positive thing by any standards. Fit a new bathroom today, and reap the benefits.