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Sweet red bedroom designs


Red is believed as the color of glamour, enthusiasm and love. Because of its remarkable characteristics, red catches a great attention and is popularly used in many fields, even if bedroom designs.
Sweet, charming and romantic, these red bedroom designs featured here offer owners fantastic private spaces for sleeping and recreating.

Designer: Zaib.

Envisioned by Zaib, this contemporary red bedroom, is embellished by light panels, original red vases, and hanging vertical lights. In addition, the intensity of the red and brown colours is exquisitely relieved by the cream colored pillows and floors.

Designer: Bonaldo,

Designed by the Italian company Bonaldo, the bedroom presents a perfect combination of true Italian style with modern trends.

Designer: ZigShot82.
Designer: Coudamy Design.
Designer: San Samuel
Designer: Estroncios.
Designer: Hulsta

Designer: ZigShot82.
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