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The Amazing Architecture in San Diego


San Diego is the epitome of cool. It really does have it all. What is more, it has amazing architecture within its city confines. They are some truly beautiful buildings within the area. There is little wonder that so many tourists visit the fantastic Californian city on a yearly basis. Everyone wants a little slice of the San Diego pie. If you are keen to see what this city has in store for you, you will be amazed.
Cool beach houses and imposing mansions. There are clear feats of architectural design within the region. You will be impressed by what this incredible city has to offer.

1. Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp is a cool, sophisticated part of town. For those that are keen to see history in the making, this is the best place to be. It is a major part of San Diego and is a rich in its history. This is where design comes alive. The homes are typical of the Victorian era and the European settlers within the area. There are walking tours to see the architecture up close and personal. Many of the homes are prefabricated. They are small and square in their appearance. This is typical of their period. What is more, they are charming to look at. These homes have not been altered in over 120 years. If you want to see history, in the flesh, this is the place to be. It’s akin to walking through time. But, with an army of boutique stores, it is a great place to go. The Gaslamp Quarter is an incredible place to be.

2. Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala

If Catholic churches are your thing, you will love the Mission Basilica in San Diego. This is a grand and beautiful church. It is sturdy and robust in its design. It has something of a haunting appearance. This is reminiscent of the period in which it was built. The shrine is beautiful. What is more, it was made to keep the Native Indian population from destroying it. It’s a glorious building and is still in use today. It is a beautiful historic building that has a rich Spanish heritage. This is clear to see within the architectural design of the building. The white washed nature of the church is lovely to see. The five bells that adorn the building make it look simple yet stunning. It is very much like being in Spain itself. You must see the simplistic, yet haunting beauty of this church.

3. The Backesto Building

The Backesto Building is one of the most beautiful buildings in San Diego. It was born of the classical revival era and is simply stunning in its appearance. This old building still has remnants of its original features. It has a stained glass dome and a lion sculpture within its vicinity. It is typical of its period. It is nothing short of stunning. If you want to see grand architecture at its finest, this is the place to be. Arched windows and pillars of white make this a gorgeous place to visit. Sit back and admire the classic features. It is a shame that these features are not used today.

4. Eastlake

Eastlake is a planned community within the heart of San Diego. It is a great place to see up close and personal. There is everything that a community would need. Schools, centres and affordable housing. This may not be the classic style of architecture that you would see within San Diego. It is important to look at how modern buildings have evolved. You need to check out the housing within this area. It’s pretty and charming. It is not entirely in keeping with the historical roots that are deep within San Diego, but that is what makes it so different. It is a pleasant and enjoyable city. Take a look and see how design has developed within the region.

5. Salk Institute

The box like nature of the Salk Institute is a must for those that revere European style architecture. The Spanish heritage is clear to see within the building. There is a very European style attached to the building. It is boxy in its appearance. What is more, it covets the European look for buildings. It can be seen as a rather angular feat. It is strange to look at, but looks amazing. Flat, stone bricks and huge accents of glass make it feel slightly cold. But, it is a great building to look at. It has a somewhat Spanish hotel appearance. For those that have visited Spain, they will be aware of the commonalities.

6. The Q

For those that like the feel of European architecture, head down to Little Italy. This is where you will find the Q. This is a recent development within the area. It is used for commercial and domestic purposes. There is a lot of glass within this building. So much so, it is difficult to see where the brickwork begins! As with a lot of recent developments in the area, it is square in its shape. Sharp edges seem to be prominent features within architecture in San Diego in present day. One of the best things about the Q, even if you do not like its modern appearance, is that it was built with the environment in mind. The green living ethic of the Q is what makes it so unique. The glass acts as a way to heat up the building. The photovoltaic roofing makes it a genuine feat of architectural ingenuity. It is a thoroughly modern building. Against the backdrop of San Diego’s rich history, it makes for a curious find.

7. In Summary

One of the best things about the architecture in San Diego is its diversity. Old meets new. History meets modern day. There is a wealth of buildings that tip its hat to the Spanish heritage that is prevalent within the city. The modernised buildings within the outskirts of the city make it charming. San Diego architecture has it all.

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