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The amazing Café becomes the ideal work place of many IT in Greece


Many people choose Café with opened space as the ideal work place. It is why many and many designer pay attention to design Café.
The IT Café located in Athens, Greece is a venue that also functions
as an exhibition and presentation space with a pleasant design created
by the Divercity Architects practice in one of the most important areas
of downtown. The fresh food café is doubled as a multifunctional space with the
concept of a packaging crate defining the design. The crate shelters the
food which is the most important element but it is also used for food
related events like presentations.

The interior has multiple storage options created with the wooden
studs and chipboard panels on the walls and ceilings to reference the
packaging crate theme while also reducing the overall cost of the
project. The staircase connecting the ground level with the upper floor
is itself made from chipboard panels and the warehouse look continues
throughout the interior with an ingenious custom made set of chairs and a
small green coffee table.