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The Definitive Guide To A Beautiful Loft Conversion


We have a built-in desire to improve our surroundings. It is just a part of human nature, and I believe it is one of the things that sets us apart from the other animals on this planet. Our homes are a work in progress; never finished and always in a state of change. People invest a lot of money in enlarging their buildings, and one of the best ways to achieve it is by converting the loft space. Think about it; the loft covers the entire area of most homes. That is a massive room that you can put to valuable use.

The process of converting the loft is complicated, but we will run through a simplified version here so that you know what to expect when you put your plans into action.

Roof Design

Most properties need alterations to the roof before the space can become usable. You have an important decision to make. Significant changes will be expensive, but they will make the conversion attractive and spacious. You cannot alter the roof yourself. Ask the experts at www.roofingcontractorspringtx.com, or any other contractors online, for an opinion and a quotation for the work. They will draw detailed plans according to your brief.

You might decide to install roof windows to keep the costs down, or if money isn’t a problem, you could build dormers to increase the space inside the conversion.

The Process

When the alterations to the roof are complete, the electricians and plumbers will attend to install the wiring and pipework. They will complete the first fix before the floor goes down, and the walls are plastered because they must hide the pipes and cables.

The carpenters will lay the floor and build the partition walls next. When everything is ready, the drywall guys will transform the space. Then you know the project is nearing completion.


As with any other part of the house, the lighting scheme is vital to the interior design. Make use of the latest units with LED technology to make the rooms into modern and attractive additions to your home. Consider the lights carefully before the wiring goes in because it is a messy job to change it afterwards. Allow for recessed fittings in the walls or ceiling and even LED units in the floor.

Contemporary Design

If you intend to use a contemporary design, use laminate or real wood flooring to create an uncluttered ambiance in the rooms. I advise you to use the best quality underlay regardless of the cost, to reduce any noise transmission to the rooms below.

Depending on the space you have available, a few elegant pieces of futuristic furniture will suit the design better than a suite. Try to find pieces that say something about your personality. Retro items from the nineteen fifties are in fashion currently. Indeed, a whole industry has arisen around them, and manufacturers are starting to bring out reproduction items to satisfy the market.

There is no doubt that the loft conversion will be a functional and attractive addition to your home. The value of the property will increase, and it will be more desirable than it was before. Compared to a full extension that takes up valuable land and could take many months to complete, a loft conversion is an attractive alternative. I hope you agree.

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