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The design of the bridge which is over the Saone River by the Explorations Architecture


A new connection to
the historic center of Lyon, France with a bridge set between two other
bridges from the early 19th century that cross over the Saone River has been created by the Explorations Architecture practice.
The bridge features two arches defining the open area above the water
that acts as a small public area and viewpoint for the pedestrians. The
Schuman Bridge, as it is called, is very light to become a part of the
landscape and the supporting structure is comprised of a steel casing.

The bridge shifts its lines according to the viewing angles or the
time of day and the steel and concrete composite gives the deck above a
very thin and apparently nimble look. The center of the bridge has the
arches going into the river and the pylons here ensure all the support
needed for the structure. The bridge has both pedestrian and vehicular traffic routes and with its addition the Soane River now has 17 crossings.