Home Architecture The feature of the terminal at San Francisco International Airport

The feature of the terminal at San Francisco International Airport


Beside an airport place, the Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport features with interesting additions such as a yoga room, kids play areas along
with restaurants, an interactive flight deck or art installations to
enhance the overall travel experience. This terminal opened on 28th
January 2014 and designed by the Gensler studio.

The sustainability features implemented make the project suitable for
the LEED Gold certification being similar in its design to the Terminal
2 of the same airport which was also designed by the Gensler studio and
already received this certification.

The interactive Flight Deck is created as an entrance for the
passengers and it is equipped with touch screens and other digital
devices which were implemented through a partnership with Razorfish. The
main terminal is designed to look like a neighborhood of San Francisco
being filled with local shops and restaurants.

The ambiance inside the terminal is bright with skylights ensuring
abundant natural light inside and there is a waste reduction program
along with displacement ventilation, recycling, construction waste
management and sustainable materials such as recycled glass flooring or
FSC certified wood.