Home Architecture The imposing single-floor Link House in Phoenix, Arizona

The imposing single-floor Link House in Phoenix, Arizona


Spreading over 2050 square feet, this imposing single-floor residence named Link House is located in Phoenix, the capital and largest city of the State of Arizona. Seeing the house as the “missing link”, the architects of The Ranch Mine named it from the fact that this lot was the last vacant one in Phoenix’s historic Pierson Place neighborhood. Structured with only a single floor, the Link House owns a breathtaking contemporary shape with boldness and pride.

Commissioned by Evan Boxwell of Boxwell Southwest, the architectural team worked on visually integrating the new residence into the existing context.

The house uses large overhangs to shade the large glass doors from April through October, and those doors provide unbelievable cross ventilation to cool the house on the cool desert nights. LED lighting and advanced framing construction also help to keep this house incredibly energy efficient. 

The house had to pass The City of Phoenix Historic Preservation committee, so the design focused on abstracting the common scale, form and massing of the existing houses in the historic district into a contemporary interpretation.”, explained the architects.