Home Architecture The Lisbon International Airport design by Broadway Malyan

The Lisbon International Airport design by Broadway Malyan


The final phase of the repositioning of the Lisbon International
Airport was finished and the airport is now open to the public with
retail planning and interior design created by the architectural
practice of Broadway Malyan.

The project consisted of remodeling more than 22000 square meters of
retail and passenger space with the redesign of the terminal food court
and central lounge as well. The new design focused on the flexibility
needed for the airport traffic and it also tried to provide an open and
cozier ambiance for the passengers.

Several renowned fashion retailers were attracted to the airport such
as Burberry, Mont Blanc or Ralph Lauren and the FNAC retailer also
wishes to open a new store. The interior design was done to create a
“sense of place” according to the architects so as to create a
particular ambiance specific for this airport and thus traditional
Portuguese elements which were reinterpreted into a contemporary way.