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The Number One Thing That People Look For In A New House


Everybody has different priorities when they’re moving house. Some people are just looking for more space while others want a better neighborhood or to be closer to shops. Have you ever wondered how close your list of must-haves is to everybody else? These are the things that most people look for first when choosing a new house.

Being Close To Family

Being close to family is fairly high on people’s list of priorities but not as high as you might think. Moving somewhere close to where they already are is a plus for some people because they can use local movers and they’ve got family and friends nearby to help them out with the move. A lot of the time it depends on your family dynamic, some families are closer than others so it’ll be more of a consideration for them. However, it doesn’t affect people’s decision nearly as much as the rest of these factors.

Strong Broadband Signal

It’s no surprise that a good broadband signal is a deal breaker for a lot of people. Working from home is becoming more popular so people need to have a good internet connection for that, but more generally, everybody uses it for streaming TV shows and movies or reading the news or whatever else. When you’ve got a reliance on multiple devices connected to the internet, a bad signal is going to cause you some trouble. That’s why around 10 percent of people say that strong broadband signal is one of the most important things.

Close To Shops

Being near to shops and other amenities is important to a lot of people, but it’s still surprisingly low. Only 15 percent of people say that it’s near the top of the list and they would actually pay around $10,110 more for a house that’s closer. The rest of the people surveyed said that they wouldn’t. Perhaps it’s because of an increase in online shopping or maybe people just don’t mind driving a bit if they can pay less for the house.

A Good Garden

Around 12 percent of people said that having a decent garden was the most important thing that they look for in a house. More importantly, they want a south facing garden so they get a good amount of sun. That was actually more important than the size of the garden to most people which makes sense I suppose, there’s no point having a big garden if it isn’t getting that much sun. 17 percent of people said that being near a park or green space was a priority if they couldn’t get a good garden.

Being Close To Work

Top of the list is being close to work, around a third of people said that’s the main thing that they’re looking for when deciding on a new house. Just under a third also cited access to public transport as a priority so it appears that getting to and from their job is the most important thing in people’s lives.

Also featuring highly on the list was proximity to good schools and having a good parking space.

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