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Tips On Maintaining Your Home From Damage


Maintaining your home is something that you should never stop doing. Often, taking on little jobs as they come up can help to keep larger repairs from being needed down the road. These small repair jobs can also keep your house safe and comfortable for your family. One area to focus on is in maintaining your doors, which can take all sorts of incidental abuse over the years. Whether you get your parts from Sierra Pacific or a similar company, these tips will help.

1. Frequently oil your hinges.

Many people never spray oil on hinges until the door has been squeaking for weeks. What people may not realize is that this squeaking is more than just an annoying noise; it is actually two pieces of metal rubbing against one another and wearing each other out. Oiling once a month to keep this from happening protects the structural integrity of the hinges.

2. Be wary of rust.

The problem with rust on exterior door handles, flashing or hinges is that you can’t do much to stop it once it begins. Rust can ruin metal hardware in a short period of time by causing it to function poorly and break. Oil can help to prevent rust as can buying galvanized replacement parts. Check the finish on metal parts frequently so that when you see the first signs of rust, you can take action whether that means repairing the part or installing a new one altogether.

3. Tighten all screws before they become loose.

When many people lock their doors at night, they get into the habit of turning the handle and pulling the door to make sure that it is locked. This may be good for your peace of mind, but it is bad for the screws in the door handle, which can start to work themselves loose. As soon as you notice this happening, tighten down all of the screws, or you could permanently bend the screws or damage the door itself.

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