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Tips To Help You Unite Your Living Room And Backyard


Home design has moved outdoors in a big way over the last decade. We once looked upon our backyards as a place where our children would spend time, and where we would dutifully mow the grass and prune the roses. Nowadays, the area is used for entertaining and relaxing in style. Those who do not know the secrets fail to unite the house and garden correctly, so the way to the outside is not as seamless as it could be.
You will find here; some tips to bring your living room and backyard together to make the spaces more usable.

The Doors

You will never be able to bring the two areas together if there is only a single door separating them. Most living rooms have a large window. You can swap it for patio or french doors to open the wall up. A builder could fit them in a day or two without fuss, and they will have a remarkable effect on the two spaces. Patio doors give excellent vision, but many of them only open on one side. With bi-folding or french doors, you can open the doorway completely, which encourages people to walk through it. The country estates for sale in Wakefield have features such as these to make the most of the patio areas.


A problem that most homes face is that the levels of the floor in the house and the garden outside are different. One reason is that the ground outside must remain below the damp proof course in the walls. The easiest way to overcome the issue is to raise the seating area with decking. Because the deck rests on vertical posts, you can build it to any level, and as long as you leave a small gap between it and the house, it will cause no issues with damp.

Light The Area

Lighting is vital for the seating area, and if you can set the levels to match those of the living room, it will be difficult to distinguish the two in the evenings. Maybe you will install a canopy to keep the area dry when it rains; the underside of that is ideal for the lights. You can buy kits or employ an electrician to install the fittings for you. It is a brilliant idea to fit some outdoor sockets too, so you can use table lamps.


Garden furniture is of such a high-quality these days, it looks good enough to use in the house. Rattan pieces are en vogue at the moment, and there is plenty out there from which to choose. Use your money wisely and invest in the best furniture you can afford. There are also outdoor TV enclosures on the market that allow you to stay outside when your favorite program is on.

As you can see, it may cost a lot of money to bring the two areas together, but most people would say it is worth it. You will add another useable room to your home, even if it is outside. That sounds like a fantastic idea; don’t you agree?