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Top 10 amazing architecture ideas in 2014


In this year, we have many amazing structures. It is time for us to look back at these structures.
It can be claimed that the design, ideas of these structures couldn’t be easily classified in the standard categories so we
devoted this section to them since they are worth all of our attention.
1. The Dragonfly by Vincent Callebaut

 The designer Vincent Callebaut proposed several interesting projects
this year and it was difficult to choose just one of them since all
deserve our attention. The Dragonfly is an urban farm proposal for the
Roosevelt Island in New York City that brings a landmark in the region
while also easing the problems of food mileage and storage in a highly
original way.
2. Palazzo Italia by Nemesi & Partners

 Created for the Milan Expo 2015, this structure is an epitome of
eco-friendly design due to the 900 panels of the façade which offer an
interesting interplay of lights and shadows inside while also purifying
the air nearby and generating the electricity for the whole building.
3. Floating City by AT Design Office

The project was initiated by the CCCC construction firm in China as an
alternative to the countryside destruction, presenting an ocean
metropolis with an area of four square miles that are made of
prefabricated hexagonal modules.

4. The Antarctic Port For Tourism and Research by Sergiu-Radu Pop

 The project was created for the Zaha Hadid Studio at the University of
Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria and it offers a multi-functional hub in
Antarctica with a biomimetic shape that wants to emulate the ice
formations of the southern ocean with steel webs so that it integrates
were well into the frozen landscape.
5. Vertical Café in the Opus Office Tower by Zaha Hadid

 The atrium and café of the luxurious hotel in Dubai were created in
collaboration with Melia Hotels International, being the first of its
kind in the Middle East due to the furniture pieces designed by Zaha
Hadid herself for a perfect balance and unity of the overall aesthetic.
6. The Bombay Sapphire’s Laverstoke Millby GWP Architecture and Thomas Heatherwick

 Located in Hampshire, UK, the project involves the renovation of an abandoned 18th century
paper mill and the new design was made with eco-friendly methods and
features allowing it to receive the BREEAM Outstanding Award for
industrial design.
7. The Louis Vuitton Foundation Center by Frank Gehry

 The Foundation Louis Vuitton has its headquarters at the Jardin
d’Acclimatation in Paris, France and it features a design created by the
famous architect Frank Gehry with a scalloped glass structure that will
host a charitable contemporary arts program.
8. The Kezmarske Hut by Atelier 8000

 This lodge is in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia with an autonomous
design that ensures a shelter for tourists throughout the year with a
rotated cube geometry made with laminated timber beams and a façade with
reflective materials incorporating photovoltaic panels.
9. Magic Mountain Lodge

 Located in the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in the region of
Patagonia, Chile, this unusual hotel offers an eco experience with 13
rooms placed in a structure that seems to be built inside a natural
mountain with vegetation covering it.
10. New Science Pyramid at the Denver Botanic Garden by Burkett Design
The mountainous region is emulated by the shape of the project and the
hexagonal cement panels of the skin are a reference to the bees of the
botanical garden combining all the benefits of eco-friendly design with a
contemporary aesthetic.