Home Apartments Two lovely colorful apartment designs by Mooseberry Design

Two lovely colorful apartment designs by Mooseberry Design


Visualized by the Ukraine-based team at Mooseberry Design, these two lovely colorful apartments impressed us by their original, interesting and glamorous designs. Now, look at the first apartment. The living room displays an exquisite use of eye-popping colors.


The sofa is creatively designed with the integration of three separate sofas in one while proving that ‘coordinating’ is not synonymous with ‘matching.’

The living room opens into the breakfast area and kitchen, with a pair of lime green chairs for each.

Meanwhile, the bedroom features a stylish mix of the cool grey concrete wall with oranges and red furniture, which brings an inviting touch to the room.

Designed with a more traditional style, which means it actually has doors on its bathroom, the second apartment welcomes visitors with a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Showcasing personal touches in the gallery wall and geometric throw pillows, the living room offers the owners a bright and sunny space for gathering and entertaining.

Beside, the dining area encompasses a small table and a breakfast bar with mismatched chair cushions are a whimsical touch.