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Unique apartment interior design


What this loft style home bring for us is spacious living rooms, contrasting colors, plush furnishings, and modernistic style. The matchless design of this home begins in the living room.
The easy use of color like the rich royal purple sofa that contrasts with egg-yolk yellow hued pillows, a light lilac winged-back chair and muted grey accent rug with a geometric design is somewhat reminiscent of the 60s but manages to fashion a post millennium décor. White walls and ceiling with brick exposure adds a special, warm touch to the room. It’s all sleekly put together to create a harmoniously distinctive combination of colors that really work!

The beauty of this home’s décor extends into the dining area flawlessly.
Suspended lighting in anomalous shapes adds the right amount of flair to make
the modern area setting even more futuristic. A herringbone designed floor
shaded with yellow and beige creates a fascinating contrast. Deeply colored
velvety soft highchairs, a warm fire, and a white island used for eating and to
display knickknacks for beautification produce a wonderfully distinguished