Home Furniture & Accessories Useful table should be presented in your home

Useful table should be presented in your home


The shift table addresses
people that quickly and easily want to switch between work and personal
life all the while staying conveniently‘connected”. 
The design of the
table oozes authentic modernism using subtle lines to create an array of
hidden functions. Despite the increasing battery life of our notebooks,
tablets and smart phones, it is still indispensable to keep them
charging regularly, making those sloppy-looking cables unavoidable in
your interior.

The Shift Table helps you keep unattractive cables out of sight while
your devices can stay within reach, safely and effortlessly recharging
in their own hidden place. This model is crafted from European solid oak
wood with accompanying powder coated steel accessories in various
fashionable colours and sizes. The suggested retail price starts from €
1.995,00 and the series is available through the affiliated dealers.
Spell’s ambition is to “enchant interiors with a smile”, by developing
innovative, accommodating products for the modern living and working