Home Bedroom Using animal prints to decorate your bedroom

Using animal prints to decorate your bedroom


It is the fact that animal can add bold color and excitement to your bedroom. Tiger, zebra and cheetah print can be used to decorate your room in a creative way.
You can use animal prints in a room with any kind of color scheme. And any kind of material – fur, suede, cord – can be used to make a bold impression. However, to get the best out of animal prints, you need to use them with caution. Here are a few tips and ideas for decorating your bedroom with animal prints.

1. Create a Bold Statement with Your Bedspread

One of the most conspicuous places to use animal prints is on your bedspread
or headboard. You can then complement this with solid colored throw pillows.
But if you are using a zebra print, you may complement the bold black and white
colors with bright colored throw pillows.

2. Choose the Best Type of Fabrics

Animal prints are available on different kinds of materials. But you should
strive to use the best fabrics in your bedroom. Put a touch of class and
glamour into your resting space. You can choose fabrics like faux fur for your
throw pillow or bedspread.

3. Use Animal Prints to Cover a Chair

You can decorate your bedroom with an upholstered chair that has a bold
animal print. But other furniture around should have solid colors. This will
make the animal print stand out and look more attractive.

4. Place Animal Printed Rugs on the Floor

Put a rug with a print of a leopard, tiger or zebra on the bedroom floor.
This is one of the easiest ways to add animal prints to your room. And it has a
powerful way of drawing the eyes downward. You should however note that if you
use an animal printed rug, you would have to make very minimal use of animal
prints in other parts of the room.

5. Don’t Overuse Animal Prints

Animal prints can be very bold. Hence, you should use just one kind of
animal print on a single item in your bedroom. It is very easy to get excited
about animal prints and overuse them. So you need to be a bit conservative. For
instance, if you decide to use animal printed wall paper, restrict it to just
one wall in your room. The other plain colored walls will help the animal
printed wall to stand out and this will keep your room from looking like an
animal gift shop.