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Versatile furniture design for kids by Torafu Architects


Taking inspiration from dice, Torafu Architects created an original furniture design having many functions that can be easily changed by rolling the furniture over like a dice. The versatile furniture that we feature here can be used in three different ways depending on which side of it is rested.

First, you can use the furniture as a desk for your kid by setting it as the above image. Then, the dice becomes a compact desk with a built-in chair that offers your baby a cozy space for sitting and studying.

Second, this multifunctional furniture can be used as a comfortable “stool” on which an adult can sit when you turn it over to the side with the wide fan-shaped surface facing upwards.

Third, by turning the dice over once more, it will be immediately transformed into a “side shelf” with a top shelf to place objects and a bottom shelf to hold books and magazines.

Photography by Yosuke Owashi