Home Architecture Visiting the original Mar de Luz House in Paracas, Peru

Visiting the original Mar de Luz House in Paracas, Peru


Spreading over a massive space of 778 square meters, this original private residence named Mar de Luz House is situated in Paracas, Peru and surrounded by marvellous natural landscapes. Designed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix, the Mar de Luz House presents a fascinating blend of concrete, bamboo and stone, in tune with the hues inspired by the site. 

According to the architects, “The premise in the development of this project was to always keep the views of the bay and the horizon present in every area of the house. We needed to place the program so that the spaces would connect visually, the transparency should be the primary axis of the first floor”.

In addition, the inner program was visualized as follows: “The main house is defined between the two side stone walls. With a width of 20 meters, the front had to be shared by all social programs on a first level and all private programs at a second level. 

For the very different nature of the program, the second level, a concrete box perforated on both sides, lies suspended above the two solid walls. This allows the living-dining room to materialize as a glass box through which the views remain between the sea and the rest of the house.