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What to Look For in a Luxury Hotel


Defining a luxury hotel can be difficult. After all, there are varying degrees of luxury. What is more, we all perceive luxury in many different ways. It may be fair to suggest that once you have visited a luxury hotel, you know that you have been in one. The price is usually a give away, but the sheer opulence of the hotel can be a significant factor.
There are many things to look out for when you are booking a luxury hotel vacation. Let’s take a look at what to look for on your next trip:

1. Spa Facilities

Many luxury hotels have a spa facility within their midst. These include whirlpools, plunge pools and Jacuzzis. Some rooms will be equipped with these facilities while in some hotels these amenities will be shared. Check out the quality of the hotel before you book. Take a look at the images prior to booking. This will be an indicator of how well maintained a hotel is. You should seek to find out whether this is an in-house beautician and massage therapist. These optional extras are at the heart of any luxury hotel. This service can be provided by lesser hotels, but you can spot a luxury hotel by the treatments that are offered.

2. Luxury Linen

Luxury linen is an accurate indicator of hotels quality standards. Hotel towels, robes and linen will usually be Egyptian cotton. They will have the finest, softest linen at your disposal. The beds will usually be large and imposing. Egyptian cotton is a high indicator of a quality hotel. The thread count on your sheets will be a major marker of a good hotel. You are choosing to sleep in a hotel. Therefore, a good hotel will offer you the best sleep experience. There is a handful of luxury hotels that even offer pillow menus. This so that you can select an all-round better sleeping experience. After all, why would they offer inferior products?


Views are an essential part of travel. After all, who wants to wake up and see a car park? Many luxury hotels will ensure that the views from their hotel will be nothing short of superb. You could have a sea view room or a garden adjacent room. In some superior hotels, you will even have your own private garden with a mini pool located in it. This is a marker of a truly opulent hotel.

4. Personalization

A personalized service is imperative in luxury, boutique hotels. You will be greeted by name. Your will not be called sir or madam, or referred to by your room number. You are not another head on the bed in a luxury hotel. You will have a truly tailored service. In the Ritz, guests are asked what chocolate they prefer on booking. They then supply this luxury chocolate as a gift when you walk into your decadent room. In some instances, visitors are allowed to select their own checking in and out time. The little, personalized touches cannot be obtained from chain hotels.