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What Your Home Is Missing


Your home is special to you and you take pride in the effort you put in each day. It’s likely that you work really hard to upkeep it and make it look nice because you care. That doesn’t mean you’re perfect, because no one is.

There are a few aspects that your home should have to bring it to another level. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and adapt changes that’ll spruce up your house even more. You may not even know what’s missing because you haven’t done enough research to see what other homeowners are installing and improving upon. See what your home is missing.


Spice up your space by adding color to your home, both inside and outside. Color will liven up your home and instantly catch your eye when you enter the house. It’s the same challenge you find when trying to build a wardrobe that isn’t all black and white. Hang colorful paintings, place pillows and paint your walls. Don’t be afraid to have the room come alive and express character to the observer. Take inventory on each of your rooms and make note of where it’s possible to include more color.

Look of Luxury

Luxury is a sense of style, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Be mindful of the colors and textures you use to make your home look more expensive. Purchase light fixtures and furniture that resemble pricy items. It’s all about your presentation and how you decorate your home. Hang your curtains high, throw down area rugs and switch out lamp shades. Use matching containers for storage and replace old hardware. Get creative and shop around, instead of breaking the bank with expensive items that you don’t need.

Swimming Pool

What you’re missing is a swimming pool. Search around to buy florida homes, because they probably come with a pool. Houses in warmer climates get more use out of a swimming pool and you’ll probably enjoy living in warmer temperatures. If you’re not ready to move, then install a swimming pool in your backyard. It’ll be fun to have when you’re entertaining or wanting to cool off on hot summer day. Take care of it and learn how to properly clean your pool to keep it looking nice and brand new.

Kitchen & Bath Updates

If you have old bathrooms and an old kitchen, it’s time to enhance their appearance with upgrades. Updating your kitchen and baths isn’t only nice for your sake, but will help you sell your home faster once you have it on the market. These are projects that’ll give you a return on your investment and make the time and money spent well worth it. Do your research and find examples of homes that resemble the look you’re going for, so you can show your designer.


Your job’s never done when decorating a house. You’re always changing, updating and rearranging to make it look right. This is what your home is missing.

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