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Why should we decorate our home by bold colors


Decorating your home is a lovely task but it is also become a nervous task to many people.Decorating requires not only time, money but also knowledge and passion.
Decorating your home with bold colors is not easy way especially if you are not good with colors. However, once you have done it, you realize it was worth all your effort. Why is it? Now, we are going to discover the reasons and look at some bold colors decoration.

1. Bold is beautiful.

Everyone loves beauty. The whole point of decorating anything is to make it
appealing to the eye or rather to make it much beautiful. Nothing beats a well-done
and bold decor

2. Bold colors hide flaws and imperfections

Imagine you have this ugly electricity wiring defect that you can’t seem to cover up right in your living room. A nice bold colored wall painting or rug will actually take the attention away from the flaw. Depending on how well you choose your colors for the painting and how well you position it, you can even cover up the imperfection completely

3. It helps define small spaces.

You can choose to decorate your home in so many ways. It could be through accesories, wall painting or even floor painting. Bold colors especially on the floor and walls helps define small spaces such as entries, hallways and even washrooms

4. Bold makes your home look much expensive

Who does not want to live in a multi-billion dollar home? Bold decoration can actually make your home ‘look the part’ without actually being one. You do not need to have a lot of money to have an expensive looking home. You could play with colors in particular bold for your home decorations and create any look you want

5.Bold will brighten up your home

Bold colors tend to add some energy in a room. They create a brighter mood

 6. Bold decoration enlarges small spaces

Most people resist the idea of going bold in small spaces. Actually, before you have seen it you might think it will make the space look even smaller but, small spaces are actually great with big bold ideas. Using large scale bold graphics, florals or even prints will make a space look much bigger and spacious than it really is.

7. Bold bring out creativity

Are you any creative? you will never know if you do not test yourself. Going bold on your home decoration will show your creativity. It is a chance to wow your guests

8. Bold decoration gives new life to older and beaten-up furniture

You may not afford to do a complete makeover of your home but you can give it a newer look. For example, an older couch can look so much better with bolder cushions. Similary, a nice bold rug on your bathroom floor can give a whole newer look to an older bath tub

9. Bold makes a statement

We all at some point express ourselves through colors and designs. It could be shown in how we dress up or how we decorate our homes. Bold decoration makes the statement for you