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Yin Yang Bathtub – an interesting idea for romantic bathroom designs


Known as a magnificent bathtub for couples, Yin Yang Bathtub discovered on Technabob offers duos a cozy space to enjoy romantic moments while sharing bath with their beloved partners.
The bathtub is designed with a unique shape that recalls the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang as well as expresses the constant change of the opposites. It is interesting to note that on top of the bathtub, users can easily get to feel the musical vibrations in every fiber of the body and enjoy an amazing mix of the rainbow colors in the tub.

Each bather has her/his own bathing water. Temperature, bathing additives and the colour of the light can be chosen individually. Also in terms of hygiene, the separation of the bathing water is an optimal solution. If a single person books a bath, only half of the water quantity is needed.”, explained the designer.

We hope that this interesting bathtub design will bring you fresh inspiration for decorating your lovely bathrooms.

A Yin Yang Bathtub costs $55,000. And, if you are interested in it, you can get more information from here.

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