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You Can’t Miss These Stunning Contemporary Living Room Design Tips


Contemporary room design is something there you either love or hate. There isn’t much middle ground on the subject. Some people enjoy the clean lines of the room, and others hate the commercial and sterile look that designers strive to achieve.If you are about to undertake a living room renovation, why not move with the times and try to create a modern space? Though it helps if the room is large, you can apply the techniques to small areas too. You can’t use as much furniture there, but it can still be a stunning place to sit and unwind at the end of a long day.

Read on and take from my article what you need. You can’t afford to miss these stunning contemporary living room design tips.

Keep It Simple

When you look at most modern designs, you will see that the walls are not full of family photographs or art. Too many pieces on the wall can start to make the place look cluttered. Clutter, as you will learn, is the enemy of contemporary design.

The walls should be in perfect condition and ideally painted a neutral shade. Any imperfections in the plaster will stick out like a sore thumb here, so think about hiring a plasterer for a day or two to skim them over. It will leave you with a perfectly smooth surface that you need. Amateur repairs rarely work.

Flooring Solution

You will also note in images that laminate or real wood flooring are the materials of choice in these settings. Though the real wood is a natural product, it suits this setting well. It isn’t as durable as the laminate, and you may need to coat it with varnish after a few years. That is inconvenient to say the least. Laminate is a beautiful and hard-wearing product that will serve you well. Though it comes in every grain pattern you can imagine, it is also available in many shades. Black looks classy and will suit most rooms.

Stunning Furniture

You should not search the usual furniture superstores to outfit this room; they will not have what you need. Visit Living Edge for designer chairs and other items that will say something about the room. Most spaces still need a sofa, so look for one that is geometric in shape. Modular units are ideal because you can buy only the sections you need to fit your room.

Lighting Ideas

Too many rooms rely on recessed ceiling lights for the primary source of illumination. Why not be different and choose from the vast range of amazing chandeliers on the market today? A glittering light fitting in the middle of the room might be just what you need to combat the commercial feel of the space.

Focal Point

Use a modern heating appliance as a focal point of the room. Go for beauty rather than performance here. Leave the central heating to keep the place warm. Look for the best flame effects and imagine how they will look in the evening when the lights are dim.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my ideas. I live in a contemporary palace and enjoy my uncluttered life. You can do the same with a little effort and a modest budget. All you need is a keen eye and a little elbow grease.

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